Nope (2022)

  • HD 1080
  • Year: 2022-07-20
  • IMDB: 7.113

Nope (2022) : Best Free Movie Nope(2022) Watch Movie Online Full HD Residents in a lonely gulch of inland California bear witness to an uncanny, chilling discovery.

Casts : Nope (2022)

  • Nope (2022)

  • HD 1080
  • 7.113
  • 02 Hours 10 Minutes
  • Nope (2022) : Best Free Movie Nope(2022) Watch Movie Online Full HD Residents in a lonely gulch of inland California bear witness to an uncanny, chilling discovery.
  • Country:
  • United States
  • Director:
  • Jordan Peele

Reviews : Nope (2022)

  • A review by: CinemaSerf

I'm always very nervous when a film's advertising campaign leads extensively on the director and not on the acting... To be honest, here, I really couldn't quite see what the fuss was about on either front. A pretty monosyllabic "OJ" (Daniel Kaluuya) lives with his feisty sister "Emerald" (Keke Palmer) on a remote stud farm where they provide horses for the movies. When strange things start going bump in the night, and the horses start behaving oddly, then disappearing all together - they are bemused. Off to town they go where they meet local geek "Torres" (Brandon Perea) who is full to the br...Read More

  • A review by: MSB

FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "Nope contains extraordinarily immersive technical elements, but the thematic focus raises narrative issues. Jordan Peele takes full advantage of Hoyte van Hoytema's phenomenal cinematography and Michael Abels' memorable score to create a spectacle worthy of the big screen, but it's the sound production that really elevates the movie to that level. Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun are exceptional, but the latter is tied to an extremely thematic storyline - immensely rich - with lit...Read More

  • A review by: mooney240

**Overall : A big YEP to NOPE!** Jordan Peele’s creativity is unrivaled! Nothing is typical of anything he does. Even knowing it is an alien movie, he keeps things fresh with surprising twists and eerie tension. Unlike anything I have seen before—there is excellent symbolism through the flashback sequences. I also enjoyed the developing relationship between the main two characters. My only complaint is that the horror and dread so palpable at the beginning fades completely about two-thirds into the film....Read More

  • A review by: MovieGuys

They said it and you wont hear me disagreeing with it. Did I find it entertaining? "nope". Did I feel the story was cohesive and comprehensible, with a clear contextual message? "nope". Were characterisations relatable and relevant? "Sort of". Nope's characterisations are moderately relatable but somehow, also seem to appear oddly misconstrued. The mostly monosyllabic cowboy character, for example, only adds to the sense of ambiguity (perhaps that's the idea).To my mind however, this ploy, if that's what it is, stifles development, of the already ambiguous, story line. The sister, his com...Read More

  • A review by: d54.pod

Full review: Jordan Peele's 'Nope; comes in with some big expectations due to Peele's previous work. 'Get Out' shifted the paradigm for horror movies, taking a genre which has historically been associated with a temporary experience of thrill and adrenaline, to being social commentaries on society and raising some deeper questions about ourselves in the process of watching his stories unfold. Nope is no exception, and in fact it can be argued that it attempts to combine story, metaphor and meaning in a more ambitious way...Read More

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